13th July 2022

A full-scale Martian House, designed for future life on Mars is being built in Bristol, UK

Pioneering public art project invites the public to help create the interior of a ‘Martian House’ reflecting the real environmental challenges faced on Mars, and inspire new ideas about how we can all live more sustainably.

A full-scale house designed for future life on Mars is being built on M Shed Square in Bristol, UK as part of ongoing public art project, Building a Martian House. Originally conceived by local artists and Watershed Pervasive Media Studio residents Ella Good and Nicki Kent, the project has so far brought together space scientists, architects, engineers, designers and the public to explore how we live today and stimulate visions for new ways of living here on Earth and on Mars.

The house will open from 17th August 2022 with a three-month programme of workshops, talks and events for all ages. Ahead of that date the artists invite the people of Bristol to get involved and help co-design the interior.

Applicants can register interest via the project website – www.buildingamartianhouse.com 

A team led by Hugh Broughton Architects, working in partnership with design studio Pearce+, developed the design of the house. They have created a lightweight prototype building which could be easily transported to Mars whilst withstanding its inhospitable conditions and the real environmental challenges you would face there – such as average temperatures of -63C and exposure to galactic and cosmic radiation.