13th April 2023

What to expect from the 5th generation of SCF Construct

It has been a busy few months, but we have just proudly announced the successful contractors for our 5th generation SCF Construct framework, which will launch in May this year.  With a value of up to £4.5billion, defining this latest generation has been a huge undertaking, one that has involved combining the best of what we’ve learnt in the last four years of our latest generation, and the 8 years prior with previous generations to build an exemplary framework structure fit for the future.

SCF Construct is available to all public bodies in the South-East, London and the South-West, and across all sectors including education, health, local authority and leisure. They can access a full range of public sector construction solutions from construct-only to full design and build, construction, and management services.

New Contractors and New Lots

Our most proud achievement with the new generation framework has to be the addition of 12 new faces to our total of 20 contractors and with these, additional £1-5million lots in the South-West.  For us, this is about bringing local expertise to clients in the region and accessing new local supply chains and SMEs.  Local supply chain businesses are the lifeblood of the construction industry and have suffered hugely through the recent global and UK economic turbulence.  We believe that it is crucial for the success of the whole construction industry, that we support local economies and the diversity of suppliers.  We also recognise that specific on-the-ground expertise is what innovative build projects need and our contractors will have access to a supply chain portal that enables clients to see quotes from supply chain in real time.

As a framework created by the public sector, for the public sector, encouraging and instilling collaboration across our contractor partners has always been something for which we are highly regarded.  With 12 new partners on board, we have the brilliant opportunity to inject new ideas, expertise and likewise our more established partners will share their wisdom from previous generations.  With this in mind, we will be working with all contractors to develop a benchmarking tool focusing on legacy, impact and social value to complement our existing quarterly market intelligence updates working with the National Association of Construction Frameworks (NACF).