1st July 2023

Full of bright ideas – Introducing SCF5 Contractor Innovations

For our new, fifth generation of the SCF Construct framework (SCF5), we placed significant emphasis on the importance of engendering an environment of collaboration amongst contractors.  Collaboration is a term that is often used, but not always delivered upon in the construction industry, perhaps not surprising given it is a competitive environment.  But it has always been at the heart of what we do and as a framework we see the strength in numbers and contractors working together. A framework structure can be an ideal opportunity for our contractors and public sector clients to benefit from the collective experience, knowledge, and access to resources of their peer group.

Which is why as part of the bidding process for SCF5, we asked contractors to include ‘SCF Innovations’ in their application. These are ideas or initiatives that all SCF contractors could benefit from and be a vehicle for supporting each other to deliver best practice.  Collaboration under SCF Construct isn’t a new concept to many of our contractors.  Those who have been on previous generations of the framework before have seen first-hand how this kind of working together can have real benefit to them, their success and clients.

The bids included some truly innovative ideas that are now progressing into development.  Here’s a snapshot of some of the fantastic ideas that are already making good progress.